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49ers Vs. Giants: Happy Hour With Harbaugh

The San Francisco 49ers pulled out a huge 27-20 victory over the New York Giants yesterday and once again we had another solid post-game locker room speech. It wasn't quite like some recent speeches, but it was still pretty sweet. I particularly enjoyed the point where he says the Giants will likely be deep into the playoffs, too. The use of the word too says it all.

Coach Harbaugh will be back in front of the media today at noon to discuss yesterday's game, any injury updates and begin to look ahead to next Sunday's game against the Arizona Cardinals. I'd imagine he'll get plenty of questions about going with a more pass-heavy offense early in the game. I expect a few compliments to be dished out, particularly to Justin Smith and David Akers. It's become a certain form or fashion for Coach Harbaugh's press conferences, so we likely know what to expect.

I've embedded the video of the press conference after the jump. If you have any problems with that, you can also view it at and

Coach Harbaugh Press Conference