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49ers Vs. Cardinals: A Rivalry

In recent years, it always felt like the NFL was doing everything it could to force a 49ers-Cardinals rivalry on the world. Dating back to 2007, the 49ers and Cardinals have squared off on one Monday Night Football game each year. This season is the first time since 2006 when they won't face off on MNF.

Over at Revenge of the Birds, Jess opened up a discussion of the favorite and least favorite moments over the course of the rivalry. Our favorite and least favorite moments will likely mirror many of theirs to some extent, but it's fun to discuss. Although generally at least one of the two teams has been struggling each season, it still has made for compelling football at times. The 49ers have won four straight, with the last three being by double digits, but that doesn't make it any worse.

One of my favorite moments had to be the 37-31 overtime victory in 2007. The 49ers sacked Kurt Warner in the end zone and recovered a fumble to secure the win. However, the play I will always remember was rookie linebacker Patrick Willis making a game-saving tackle of Sean Morey in that same overtime period.

On 2nd and 4 at the Arizona 14, Morey completed a pass to Morey who had nothing but daylight ahead of him. However, Willis ran him down from about ten yards back and tackled him at the 49ers 24. As the video below shows, Michael Lewis did get down there as well, but I still love what Willis did on the play. The Cardinals did move down to the 49ers 14 to attempt a field goal, but Neil Rackers missed the 32-yard attempt. Had Willis given up on the Morey play, the Cardinals would have scored the game-winning touchdown and that would have been it.

Do you have any other particular favorite moments from this rivalry?