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Thursday Night Football Open Thread: All Tebow, All The Time

Thursday Night Football is back for its second week of action with the Denver Broncos hosting the New York Jets. This is a big game for both team's playoff hopes as they are both a game out of first in their respective divisions. The Jets are also a bit closer in the hunt for the wild card, so every AFC win is huge.

More importantly, we get to enjoy Tim Tebow and the read-option offense on national television. If you haven't had a chance to see an NFL team run the triple option, you'll get your opportunity tonight. It is hard to consider the possibility that the Denver Broncos might actually figure out a way to keep winning games with a college-level offense. I don't think Tim Tebow has necessarily made a believer out of me yet, but it is harder and harder to doubt that something works.

I don't want to buy into the whole winner debate, but if they keep winning, what can be said? The Broncos are winning because of a variety of reasons that include Tebow but are not solely because of Tebow. For example, when they beat the Raiders, they got a monster rushing day from Willis McGahee and an 85-yard punt return for a touchdown from Eddie Royal.

This past Sunday, Tim Tebow set offensive football back about 50 years when he completed 2 of 8 passes while the Broncos rushed 55 times for 244 yards in defeating the Kansas City Chiefs. The victory has the Broncos a game behind the Raiders for first place in the AFC West. Can they keep it up, or will teams eventually figure out how to beat the Broncos consistently this year?