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Week 11 NFL Picks: Damn You Tebow

I hope the guy upstairs doesn't smite me for that title. If I suddenly stop posting here, you'll know what happened. Clearly Tim Tebow has a higher power on his side, because this is getting ridiculous. Another fourth quarter comeback from the running quarterback. I keep picking against the guy and he keeps ruining my picks. Perhaps I should switch things up, but like I've said for about a month now, teams will figure out how to stop him.

I'm way more upset with the Ravens though. They seem to only get pumped up against playing the Steelers. Since they have already played them twice, maybe I should pick against them for the rest of the season.

Derek's Record Last Week: 11-5
Derek's Overall Record: 100-44
Dylan's Record Last Week: 8-8
Dylan's Overall Record: 39-29

Cincinnati Bengals @ Baltimore Ravens 

Derek: Because of the Ravens disassociative identity disorder and the injury of Ray Lewis, this is a tough pick for me. The Bengals are no joke and played the Steelers pretty tough last week, but I think John Harbaugh rallies his troops this week and gets a much needed victory before the Harbaugh Bowl.

Winner: Ravens

Dylan: The headline here is that Ray Lewis will be out for the game due to a toe injury. The Ravens are a strong team and even though the Bengals have played pretty well, I think Baltimore will be flying around to make up for the loss of their team leader. The Ravens being at home should help.

Winner: Ravens

Jacksonville Jaguars @ Cleveland Browns

Derek: Blaine Gabbert is probably the worst starting quarterback in the league, and Colt McCoy isn't much better. Both teams have solid defenses, so I'd expect an ugly low-scoring affair. I've seen Frank Gore run on the Browns before, so I'll take Maurice Jones-Drew here.

Winner: Jaguars 

Dylan: This game could be the equivalent to taking an Ambien and honestly, either team could come away with this one. However, I'm going to go with Cleveland at home in a close one. Rashean Mathis is out for the season due to a torn ACL, so Colt McCoy could open it up against another weak opponent.

Winner: Browns

Carolina Panthers @ Detroit Lions

Derek: The Lions need a win in the worst way. The Panthers have been awful on defense all year long and I don't have much confidence in them stopping the Lions passing game. This should be a tough game for Cam Newton, who has to go up against a pretty good defense.

Winner: Lions

Dylan: This is my upset pick of the week. I'm basing this off of the fact that Detroit's defensive linemen get back there so quickly, they overpusue and Cam Newton will take advantage. With Detroit at home, this would be a major upset but stranger things have happened. Anyone catch the Thursday night game?

Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Green Bay Packers

Derek: 10-0

Winner: Packers

Dylan: Aaron Rodgers

Winner: Packers

Buffalo Bills @ Miami Dolphins

Derek: The Bills got leveled by the Cowboys last week, so the Dolphins are a welcome sight for them. The Dolphins have played much better as of late, but I don't see the Bills losing this must win game.

Winner: Bills

Dylan: If the Bills are looking to progress and keep up with New England for the division, they better take down the Dolphins. Ryan Fitzpatrick got his payday, as the Bills organization believe they found their franchise
quarterback. For that to be true, he needs to act like one on a weekly basis.

Winner: Bills

Oakland Raiders @ Minnesota Vikings

Derek: Carson Palmer should only get better as the season improves the more practice time he gets with his new team. The Vikings just lost Antoine Winfield for the season and their pass defense wasn't great before that. Michael Bush may be the best backup running back in the league and the Raiders running game didn't miss a beat last week with him starting.

Winner: Raiders

Dylan: With the Vikings being at home, I think their chances are a little better than the Raiders. If I were a betting man, I would say that Christian Ponder makes less mistakes than Carson Palmer, Adrian Peterson scores a couple touchdowns and Jared Allen harasses the quarterback all day.

Winner: Vikings

Dallas Cowboys @ Washington Redskins

Derek: The Redskins offense and quarterback situation is a mess. Their defense is decent but there is no way they can keep up with the Cowboys.

Winner: Cowboys

Dylan: Who is the quarterback for Washington again?

Winner: Cowboys

Arizona Cardinals @ San Francisco 49ers

Derek: People are only calling this a trap game because this is what you are supposed to call these games. Jim Harbaugh will have the 49ers ready to go and all he has to do is point to the Cardinals-Eagles game as to why the 49ers shouldn't overlook this team.

Winner: 49ers

Dylan: The 49ers are on a mission right now and the Cardinals are the next team unfortunate enough to be in their way. I don't think San Francisco falls victim to complacency; they will not overlook the Cardinals and could potentially pick them apart.

Winner: 49ers

Seattle Seahawks @ St. Louis Rams

Derek: Good news, after going 4-0 last week the NFC West is guaranteed to go 2-2 this week. Unfortunately, that is their only choice barring a tie game or two. Man, wouldn't that be funny? For the sake of the 49ers getting another game up in the NFC West, I'll pick the Rams.

Winner: Rams

Dylan: Seattle has been surprising teams this year with some decent play. However, they are a team that plays to the level of their opponent. That being the case against St. Louis, I think that a weaker Seahawks team shows up and the Rams get the best of them.

Winner: Rams

Tennessee Titans @ Atlanta Falcons

Derek: Mike Smith shouldn't have to make the choice of whether to go for it at his own 30-yard-line in overtime in this game so the Falcons should win here.

Winner: Falcons

Dylan: The Falcons at home are a popular pick. Even with the supposed return of Chris Johnson after last weeks performance and the fact the Julio Jones may miss the game, Atlanta should be the favorite. they have a more put together team and they are still competing for superiority with the division rival Saints.

WInner: Falcons

San Diego Chargers @ Chicago Bears

Derek: The Bears are rolling and the Chargers are in trouble. Poor Takeo Spikes. The guy just cannot catch a break.

Winner: Bears

Dylan: The Bears have been performing well when their offensive line keeps Jay Cutler upright and opens lanes for Matt Forte. Not to mention, Devin Hester has continued to make a strong case for himself as a future Hall of Fame candidate. San Diego is a mess and is notorious for horrendous special teams play, where Chicago has excelled.

Winner: Bears

Philadelphia Eagles @ New York Giants

Derek: Mike Vick may not play with two broken ribs, but the Eagles do have Vince Young. Remember when VInce Young took over the winless Titans a few years ago and won a lot of games? Yeah, that won't happen here.

Winner: Giants

Dylan: The Eagles have been arguably the biggest disappointment of the season. Given the elite roster they tout, their record is poor and their fourth quarter performances have been worse. The Giants showed last week that they are a very good football team, even in the loss to the 49ers. I like the Giants to bounce back at home.

WInner: Giants

Kansas City Chiefs @ New England Patriots

Derek: Time to shave Todd Haley, it's over.

Winner: Patriots

Dylan: No Matt Cassel. No Jamaal Charles. Tom Brady remembers why he missed a season. The division is open for the taking after the Jets colossal meltdown on Thursday Night Football...these are few of many reasons the Patriots will win Monday Night. I wouldn't be surprised to see Ryan Mallett take some snaps in the 4th quarter.

Winner: Patriots