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49ers Vs. Redskins: Random Stats

The San Francisco 49ers travel east to face the Washington Redskins in week nine. I've posted some more random stats after the jump, and I also added details on the series history at the bottom. The 49ers hold a 17-10-1 record all time against the Redskins. The 49ers won the last meeting 27-24 in December 2008.

There is one particularly notable statistical differential between the two teams. The 49ers are +10 in turnover differential while the Redskins are -6. The 49ers have done well in avoiding turnovers but they actually haven't had much in the way of forced turnovers lately. They were +1 against the Browns but this was after forcing four additional fumbles they did not recover. Maybe the 49ers are due for some more recovered turnovers.

In some further stats, Football Outsiders released their latest DVOA ratings. The 49ers dropped a spot from third to fourth. They dropped a spot on both offense and defense while maintaining their No. 4 rating on defense. The defensive rating stayed the same primarily because of changes around them. The 49ers actually finally climbed back up to number one against the rush, while improving from seventh to fourth against the pass. Go 49ers D!

FO currently ranks the Redskins 25th overall, courtesy of a 30th ranked offense, 9th ranked defense and 19th ranked special teams unit. With the sizable turnover differential and the big difference in special teams, maybe the 49ers can jump on top early and take care of business sooner rather than later on Sunday.

Notable Numbers

  • The 49ers have allowed only 107 points this season (15.3 pts./gm.) ranking 1st in the NFL for the fewest points allowed.
  • The 49ers are the first team in 91 years to rush for a TD in each of their first 7 games and not allow a rushing TD (1920 Buffalo All-Americans).
  • The 49ers defense ranks 1st in the NFL with 54 passes defensed.
  • The 49ers defense has not allowed a 100-yd. rusher in 29 consecutive games, ranking t-5th in the NFL for the longest streak of not allowing a 100-yd. rusher since 2000.
  • LB Aldon Smith leads the team with 6.5 sacks this season, ranking 7th in the NFL and 1st among all rookies. He also became the first 49er since  Andre Carter (2002) to register a sack in 4 consecutive games. Interestingly, Smith has most played on just 3rd downs. 
  • RB Frank Gore became just the 4th player since 1970 to rush for 125 yds.-or-more and a rushing TD in four consecutive games, joining RB O.J. Simpson (1975), RB Terrell Davis (1998) and RB Larry Johnson (2005).
  • The 49ers are first team since the 1920 Buffalo All-Americans to register a rushing TD in each of their first 7 games and not allow a rushing TD. 
  • The 49ers have outscored their opponents 187-107. The +80 scoring differential ranks 3rd in the NFL. 
  • The 49ers have started 17 drives in opponents territory, ranking 1st in the NFL, and have scored 57 points on those drives, ranking 3rd in the NFL. 
  • The 49ers average starting field position is at the 31.2 yard line, ranking 2nd in the NFL. 
  • The 49ers rank 4th in the NFL with an opponents average starting field position of the 25.6. 
  • The 49ers rank 1st in the NFL with 7 PRs of 20+ yds. The Niners also rank 3rd in the NFL with a KOR avg. of 29.3 yds.
  • The 49ers have allowed just 107 points on the season, ranking 1st in the NFL for the fewest points allowed.
  • The 49ers have allowed just 10 first downs on 3rd and less than 4 yds. (10 of 25 - 40 pct.), ranking 2nd in the NFL.
  • The 49ers defense has allowed opponents to score on just 25.3 pct. of their possessions, ranking 2nd in the NFL.
  • The 49ers defense has allowed just 5 drives over 5 minutes this season, ranking t-3rd in the NFL. On those 5 drives, they have allowed just 6 points, ranking 1st in the NFL for the fewest point allowed on 5 minute drives. 
  • The 49ers have only committed 6 turnovers on the year, ranking 2nd in the NFL for fewest turnovers. 
  • The 49ers have registered 10 runs of 20 yds.-or-more this season, ranking t-4th in the NFL. 
  • QB Alex Smith has a QB rating of 110.3 on 1st down, ranking 4th in the NFL (min. 25 atts.).
  • As of 10/27, Smith has registered a QB rating of 128.9 against the blitz this season, ranking 2nd in the NFL (GB QB Aaron Rodgers - 133.5) (min. 25 atts.). 
  • RB Frank Gore has registered 18 rushes of 10+ yds., ranking 6th in the NFL this season. Gore also ranks 5th in the NFL with 7 runs of 20 yds.-or-more.


Matchups: 28
Series Record: 49ers lead series: 17-10-1
49ers Home Record vs. Redskins: 49ers lead series 11-3-1
49ers Away Record vs. Redskins: Redskins lead series 7-6
First Meeting: 11/16/52, 49ers win, 23-17, at Was.
Last Meeting: 12/28/08, 49ers win, 27-24, at SF
Current Streak: Win 1
Longest 49ers Win Streak: 7 (11/21/88 - 9/14/98)
Longest Redskins Win Streak: 3 (11/11/73 - 10/29/78)
Most 49ers Points: 45 (9/14/98): 45-10, at Was.
Most Redskins Points: 52 (10/23/05), 52-17 at Was.
49ers Shutouts: None
Redskins Shutouts: 1 (11/13/55). 7-0 at Was.

2011 Statistics

49ERS (rank) Redskins (rank)
6-1 (1st NFCW) Record 3-4 (t-2nd NFCE)
26.7 (6th) Points per game 16.6 (26th)
309.0 (23rd) Total Offense 320.3 (19th)
137.6 (6th) Rushing Offense 95.3 (t-26th)
171.4 (31st) Passing Offense 225.0 (16th)
31:09 (9th) Possession Avg 29:27 (21st)
15.3 (1st) Points allowed/gm 19.9 (7th)
329.1 (10th) Total Defense 343.6 (14th)
73.4 (1st) Rushing Defense 120.4 (21st)
255.7 (21st) Passing Defense 223.1 (12th)
21 (t-7th) Sacks 23 (5th)
9 (t-7th) Interceptions 6 (t-21st)
+10 (2nd) Turnover Differential -6 (27th)