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49ers vs. Redskins Odds: 49ers Open As 4-1/2 Point Favorites

The oddsmakers set up their opening line for the 49ers and Redskins this Sunday at FedEx Field. The 49ers opened as 4-1/2 point favorites Sunday night and have seen the line slip down to between 3-1/2 and 4 points in the last couple days. Given the Redskins injuries and general struggles I am a little perplexed by this change. My only guess would be that people anticipate a close battle the ends with no worse than the Redskins losing by three.

It is worth noting that this game features the lowest over/under for the week at 37-1/2 points. The two teams have good to great defenses and somewhat struggling offenses. It would be surprising to see much in the way of explosive scoring in this one.

Through seven games, the 49ers remain unbeaten against the spread, sitting at 6-0-1. The Redskins were the one push. It will be interesting to see how the 49ers look in their remaining games against the spread. After the jump I'll go through the remaining schedule to provide some predictions as to whether they'll be favorites or underdogs. All of these could change with wins and losses, so for now these are sort of in a vacuum.

Week 10 - vs. NY Giants - slim favorite

Week 11 - vs. Arizona Cardinals - heavy favorite

Week 12 - @ Baltimore Ravens - slim underdog

Week 13 - vs. St. Louis Rams - heavy favorite

Week 14 - @ Arizona Cardinals - slim favorite

Week 15 - vs. PIttsburgh Steelers - slim favorite

Week 16 - @ Seattle Seahawks - slim favorite

Week 17 - @ St. Louis Rams - slim favorite

Slim means somewhere at around four points or less. Heavy is in the range of a touchdown or more. Some of those divisional road games could be heavier status, but I'm honestly not all that sure how it will play out.