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Golden Nuggets: The 49ers, How You Say ... Got This

Well gents, it's gameday. I declined to bring someone with me to Candlestick today because the last game they attended was when the 49ers played the Cowboys - I'm not having any of that nonsense again. He was there, they lost, so he's buying his own ticket. Boosh. But yeah, I'm not sure what the availability will be postgame, but tweet me any questions that occur to you during the game for any players or even Coach Harbaugh. No guarantee I use any of them (let's face it, you guys are unreliable, you lot), but I could! Anyway, let's get to the links, of which they are few, as is the usual case on gameday. Enjoy.

49ers vs. Cardinals: Anthony Davis, Niners' "cute" o-line ready to "kick ass" (

Gore has incentives not to take a week off (

Chris Culliver Could Get Start If Tarell Brown Can't Play Against Cardinals (SB Nation Bay Area)

49ers notes: Defense is stifling the running game (

Who's got it better? Nooobody (

49ers-Cardinals: Matchups to watch (

Offensive line a huge part of winning streak (

49ers spreading ball around in passing game (

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