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49ers Vs. Cardinals Weather Report: Rain And Mud

The San Francisco 49ers and Arizona Cardinals square off later this afternoon and the weather calls for clear skies. Right now however, it is pouring in downtown San Francisco. Even if the rain does let up as expected by noon, Bill Walsh Field at Candlestick Park could be one heck of a mess today. It is an absolute downpour right now and I don't believe the field is covered at the moment.

If the field conditions are sloppy, it will be worth noting how that affects footing for both teams. Both teams will need some seriously long cleats to get through the mess we could see on the field. The 49ers will bring the rush no matter what, but I'm curious how poor footing could impact the passing game. We haven't seen a ton of nasty weather thus far, so it will be a solid test for the team. Weather can be one of those great equalizers, so keep an eye on it.