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49ers Vs. Cardinals: I Hope You Bet The Under

49ers_logo_medium vs. Th_cardinals_icon_medium

The 49ers and Cardinals finally have the sun coming out as the first quarter came to an end, but sloppy play was about all we saw in the first quarter. David Akers had a field goal blocked and missed another field goal, but managed a pair of field goals late to give the 49ers a 6-0 lead. The 49ers have forced two Cardinals turnovers but only managed a pair of field goals in the first quarter.

The player of the game through one quarter has to be Patrick Willis who has intercepted a pass, defensed a pass and forced a fumble. Just an absolute monster out there for the 49ers and making his own case for NFL Defensive Player of the Year. Unfortunately I'd imagine he and Justin Smith end up splitting votes in that one.

As we get going in the second quarter, head after the jump for the soundtrack for that first quarter.