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49ers Vs. Cardinals: Keep The Points, Forget The Half

49ers_logo_medium vs. Th_cardinals_icon_medium

Well, that was something else in the first half. The 49ers took a 9-0 lead into halftime, all while dominating the time of possession in the first half. The Arizona Cardinals could get absolutely nothing going in the first half and somehow they're only down 9-0. The 49ers defense stepped up big while the 49ers offense couldn't get much of anything going. David Akers had his worst performance in a long time with a missed field goal and two blocked field goals. All in all, it was not pretty.

The good news though, is that the 49ers start the second half with the ball and a chance to really put some pressure on the Cardinals. Getting a touchdown is probably too much to ask right now, but maybe they'll do us the favor of putting seven on the board. The Cardinals have shown no real signs of life on offense, but the 49ers can't keep leaving points off the scoreboard.