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49ers Vs. Cardinals: That's How You Bust It Open

49ers_logo_medium vs. Th_cardinals_icon_medium

The 49ers and Cardinals were engaged in a fairly ugly affair for thirty minutes and there was some concern the 49ers were letting the Cardinals hang around. So much for that concern. After failing to get into the end zone over and over again, the 49ers busted this game wide open in the third quarter.

Alex Smith connected on an 8-yard touchdown pass to Kyle Williams and followed that up with an 18-yard touchdown pass to Vernon Davis. In between they continued their domination of the turnover battle with two interceptions and a fumble recovery to set up the two scores. The 49ers are deep in Arizona territory with a chance to grab at least a field goal and we're starting to see backups in the game. I'd imagine next possession we'll see Colin Kaepernick in the game. Anthony Dixon is in for Gore and Kendall Hunter will also likely get some touches.