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49ers Vs. Cardinals: Happy Hour With Harbaugh

The San Francisco 49ers begin their quick turnaround today for Thursday's game with the Baltimore Ravens, but there are still a few week eleven things to deal with before then. 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh will chat with the media at noon today in his usual Monday press conference. I'd imagine the team will be in with the coaching staff as this press conference goes on. Coach Harbaugh said the staff was going to be around late last night to start getting the game plan together. Should be a long few days before the team heads east.

After the jump I've posted the usual live online stream for the press conference. You can also view it on CSN Bay Area here in the Bay Area and online at and This should be a fairly predictable press conference, as they often are. Aside from a look back at yesterday's game, you know there will be questions about the brotherly showdown. Additionally, expect some questions about Dashon Goldson and whether the league has gotten in touch with the team regarding his fight yesterday.

We'll be back with a transcript of the press conference later tonight (I'll be traveling so it might be a bit delayed). In the meantime, at some point this afternoon the video of the press conference will be up and in here at

Jim Harbaugh Monday Press Conference Live Stream