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49ers Vs. Ravens: Traveling East

The San Francisco 49ers get the fortunate task of traveling three time zones to face the Baltimore Ravens on Thanksgiving. This is reportedly the first time a team has traveled three time zones to play a Thanksgiving game, with the Arizona Cardinals traveling from the Mountain Time Zone being the next closest.

Coach Harbaugh was asked about the trek east and had his own pointed comment, "I definitely think it was very considerate of the NFL to reunite the brother's on Thanksgiving. I think that's going to be very difficult for our team. There's no question that we drew the short end of the straw on this one."

In saying that it is going to be very difficult on the 49ers, I'd imagine this is one more motivational tactic employed by Coach Harbaugh. If the 49ers can turn around on this short week and pull this one off, it would be yet another testament to how far this team has come. Add in that they could improve to 5-0 on the road and that really says something.

The 49ers are reportedly flying out Wednesday for the game. For Sunday east coast games this season they have usually flown out on Friday, which gives them Saturday to adjust to the time change. This week they play a night game on Thursday, so maybe the adjustment isn't quite as big an issue?

Tre9er made a good point on Twitter about the fact that the 49ers defense should be relatively well-rested heading into the game. The 49ers defense was on the field for 15:44 of the 60:00 game. That's fairly ridiculous and one of the most lopsided times of possession in the last thirty years. It is still a short trip, but that dominance could not have come at a better time. Add in Frank Gore getting most of the fourth quarter off and Anthony Davis sitting much of the second half and there are some well-rested folks.