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Thanksgiving NFL Game Thread: Dolphins Vs. Cowboys

Since the first game thread has loaded up with comments, it's time for a second thread for the Miami Dolphins versus the Dallas Cowboys. The Dolphins are on a nice little hot streak having won three straight games. Heading into Dallas will be a tough one for them, but given how they have played lately, would it really be surprising to see them stun the Cowboys?

The opener between the Green Bay Packers and Detroit Lions was not quite as exciting as I was expecting. The Packers defense shut down the Lions, but also benefitted a bit from Matthew Stafford's bum finger. He missed some wide open passes. The Packers still have some tough games on their schedule, but they are looking really solid right now.

We'll be back with the 49ers-Ravens game thread at 5:00pm PT, so make sure and check back then for the game. If you live in the Bay Area and don't get the NFL Network, the game will be simulcast on CBS Channel 5.