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Caption This: Building Blocks

The first thing I want to say is that I like Anthony Davis. I think he's a fine young man and a talented young player. However, when I looked through the photos from last night's game, I couldn't find him in any of them. Where in the world was Anthony Davis during those plays? The Pentagon is going to get back to me on that one, but I'm not sure even they will be able to give me an adequate answer.

The Ravens' defense was bruising in that game. They made a lot of people look bad, so this isn't a comment on his performance necessarily. A good performance would have looked bad against that defense. But man did he get made to look bad the most. Man. Oh. Oh man oh man did he ever.

It was the kind of abuse that makes me want to do a Caption This! And since I'll be either medicating my cat (not a euphemism, I regret to say - my kitty is allergic to his own teeth) or drinking myself silly (that one was a euphemism) when this post happens to be active, I'll just take a stab at a few pre-emptive captions here in the post. The first, I couldn't help but actually place with the photo. Here are a few others:

The only thing Anthony Davis was blocking last night was Alex Smith from throwing passes.

Not pictured: The brick.


Pictured above: 49ers' offensive lineman Anthony Davis practices his game face.

So that's the game: Funny captions. Show us yours, and rec' any that give you a chuckle. Last week, LondonNiner reclaimed his crown as the rec' leader. Will it be you this time?