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49ers Boast Extremely Talented Roster - Or Do They? You Decide!

Yesterday at SB Nation Bay Area, I posted this little bit following the game between the 49ers and Ravens. On the way back from a friend's house, I was listening to KNBR (when it comes to postgame, not always a wise decision ... some of the callers are absolutely horrible), and Kevin Lynch of the Chronicle came on and had a quote that really ... confused me. It doesn't make me angry and this is in no way an admonishment of Lynch - he's entitled to his own opinions

I just figured I'd post it here so more people see it and can weigh in on things. Lynch said "They're (49ers) playing better than their talent," and then went on to talk about how they're only where they at because Jim Harbaugh and Co. came in and coached them up. It's really an odd statement, to be honest with you, because it's half right and half wrong.

Under Mike Singletary this team was just horrible, and now under Harbaugh - with a few new moving parts - the team is suddenly 9-2. So one part of that statement is true. The 49ers do have Harbaugh to thank for their present record, but I think that's also just a testament to how bad previous coaching staffs were. This team has been regarded as extremely disappointing over the last few seasons not because they're the 49ers and more is expected of such a franchise, but more because they've had guys like Patrick Willis, Frank Gore, Vernon Davis, Justin Smith and the list goes on ... and they haven't done anything with it.

In short, it's my opinion that this roster has always been 9-1, 9-2, NFC West-leading (for whatever that's worth) talented, but the coaching has helped it all tie together. Is there any truth at all to what Lynch says in your mind? Are the 49ers overhyped, perhaps? If Harbaugh slows down, is the team going to be totally helpless, unable to stop clearly more talented teams? I'd argue that there aren't many of those out there, to be honest with you.