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Golden Nuggets: Hangover From 49ers Loss Subsiding

Good morning, folks. I hope that you're all doing well and have recovered from the post-49ers loss hangover. I know it sometimes takes me a day of not thinking about it to fully recover. To be honest with you, I'd gotten so used to the winning thing that the loss hurt more than usual. It hurt more than I remember, since I've kind of forgotten how bad losing felt. Or maybe I'm just remembering incorrectly and it was always horrible, we'd just been numbed by it over the years? Either way, I'm still insanely fired up about our 49ers, so let's get to some links. Enjoy.

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Goldson, Doucet, Willis receive fines (

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Five things we learned from 49ers vs. Ravens (

Harbaugh reviews 49ers' loss to Ravens (

Smith, Edwards not connecting, not on the same page (

49ers Outplayed By Ravens; Are They Overachieving? Not Likely (SB Nation Bay area)

Harbaugh spreads blame on pass-protection problems (

When the 49ers and family values collide (

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Offensive line reverts to early-season form (

49ers Game review (

Ravens' checklist complete in Thanksgiving victory (

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Being a Sheep

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