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49ers Vs. Rams Odds: 49ers Open As 13 1/2 Point Favorites

Week twelve of the 2011 NFL season has wrapped up and the opening odds are out for week 13. The San Francisco 49ers host the St. Louis Rams and have opened as 13 1/2 point favorites over the Rams. The 49ers loss to Baltimore was their second overall loss, but only their first loss against the spread. They were a three point underdog to the Dallas Cowboys and pushed in that game. They now stand 9-1-1 against the spread.

The 49ers are coming off a tough loss to the Ravens, but get what could be a solid bounce-back game. I suppose there is a chance for some emotional letdown, but given the ten day layoff, I'd hope the 49ers can get past the Ravens loss and get ready to wrap up the NFC West.

The oddsmakers are not expecting a particularly high scoring game as they set the over/under at 38 points. The 49ers-Ravens over/under was 38.5, but I'd imagine this week's over/under is not so much about this being a defensive battle. It is more about the fact that the Rams offense could struggle to get much going. Steven Jackson remains a workhorse and Brandon Lloyd makes crazy catches, but the 49ers defense should be able to contain the Rams offense. Now it's just a matter of the 49ers offense getting going.