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49ers Vs. Ravens: Sound FX, Thanksgiving Edition

One of the perks of playing on NFL Network Thanksgiving night is the chance to get mic'd up by Sound FX. Although the game did not turn out the way we would have liked, there was still some solid commentary from the players and coaches. Some of it was purely entertainment, while other parts gave us a little bit more information about some questionable decisions and penalties.

49ers-Ravens Pre-game

49ers Miscues

Harbaugh & Harbaugh

The middle video is arguably the most valuable for figuring things out from the game. Early on they show Greg Roman and his staff up in the OC box seeing Delanie Walker get wide open on a play. Smith mentioned it shortly after, but I'm not sure if it was because he knew he'd missed Walker deep, or if he had just looked at the printed out shot of Walker being open.

They also show an angle on the chop block. The penalty was called against Frank Gore, but it should have been called on Chilo Rachal. As the video shows, he gets his hands on the defender as Gore is blocking him low and that is simply not allowed. It was a play that required a bit more discipline. Such is life.

The complete Sound FX from the game aired on Saturday, but I'd like to hope NFL Network will air it again. The San Jose Mercury News had a few additional quotes from the mic'd up players. The best was probably Terrell Suggs telling Dashon Goldson "We'll see you in the Super Bowl." It's only talk for now, but still nice to earn a little bit more respect around the league.