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49ers Vs. Ravens: Happy Hour With Harbaugh

The San Francisco 49ers get their work week going today as they return from a few days off following their Thanksgiving loss to the Baltimore Ravens. The 49ers dropped a 16-6 loss as they struggled in pass protection and general offensive line play. The defense bent against the Ravens passing attack, but really didn't perform all that poorly in the grand scheme of things.

Monday brings another Coach Harbaugh press conference at noon. He chatted with the media on Friday in a conference call (AUDIOTranscript), but will be back after having a few days to review the film and re-assess what happened on Thursday. It isn't "happy" times, but win or lose, a stiff drink is often in order following a 49ers game.

I'm most curious to hear if he has anything to say about Adam Snyder. The 49ers right guard injured his hamstring on Thursday and there has been no word yet on if he will miss any time. The offensive line had plenty of struggles, but the switch to Chilo Rachal really seemed to hurt. I wouldn't mind hearing somebody broach the subject of activating one of the 49ers rookie offensive linemen (Daniel Kilgore, Mike Person). I don't know if they're the answer for depth, but it's a subject that should be brought up given Chilo's struggles.

Head after the jump to watch a live online stream of the press conference at noon pacific. You can also view it at and

Jim Harbaugh Press Conference