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Braylon Edwards And The Issues Of Health And Chemistry

San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Braylon Edwards chatted with the media yesterday (Video after the jump, transcript) and he gave us as much injury info as we're likely ever going to get during the relative information lockdown we've seen under Coach Harbaugh. Edwards discussed the interception on Thursday, but he spent more time discussing his shoulder issue and his thoughts on how it impacts the rest of the season.

Edwards is dealing with some sort of AC joint issue and even Coach Harbaugh has admitted Braylon is not 100%. He hasn't looked "all there" on the field and he really hasn't developed into the big play threat the 49ers were hoping for when they signed him on the cheap in August. He currently has 14 catches for 172 yards as he tries to shake off the injury bug that has dogged him all year.

In his chat with the media, Braylon discussed the idea of focusing on getting ready for the playoffs:

Q: With five games left in the regular season and then the playoffs, what's the goal? To get to that spot where you can be a contributor in January?

EDWARDS: My plan is more the playoffs. We can pretty much wrap those up with a win this week. So I think the big thing for me is to get back healthy. We've got five games left like you said, plus the playoffs. So the ideal goal for me is to just get back healthy for the playoffs. That would be key.

Q: Would it be necessary to take more time off, miss a game, just so you could be ready for January?

EDWARDS: We'll see what the doctors say. We'll put that plan in the hands of the doctor and the trainers and coach Harbaugh and see what they think. Maybe it's necessary. Maybe that's what needs to happen.

Earlier in the interview he discussed the interception and part of his point on the play was the lack of time working together can lead to the quarterback expecting one thing and the wide receiver expecting another. It would seem to be a basic chemistry issue. We can argue about what he should have done to the cornerback till the cows come home, but the more important issue is actually connecting on the play.

James put together some thoughts on the play and how Braylon's performances lately would indicate he needs some time to rest. James uses the phrase "gave up on plays" but as the close of the post indicates, it is isn't about "I don't care so I'm giving up" but rather the injuries dragging him down.

This leaves a bit of a catch-22 for the 49ers. Edwards and Smith have both acknowledged the lack of significant practice time together lately has impacted the implementation of the offense. My question is, if you rest him he doesn't necessarily get time to work on the QB-WR chemistry. If you play him, he continues to deal with the injury. Given his big play nature and how he's looked with the injury, resting him really does seem to be the logical solution. It's not ideal, but it would seem to be the best answer for the next couple weeks.

What do folks think?