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Dashon Goldson Not Fined For Penalized Hit

49ers free safety Dashon Goldson learned yesterday that he will not be fined for the hit he laid on Cleveland Browns wide receiver Greg Little. Goldson leveled Little and was fined penalized for an illegal blow to the head. He came in hands high, but upon further review it was deemed to not be such a hit. The flag obviously can't be rescinded, but Goldson will not be forced to pay a five figure fine.

Dashon Goldson was none too pleased with the penalty as it helped get the Browns in position for an eventual field goal. On 2nd and 3 at the Browns 24, McCoy made the pass to Little, which Goldson blew up with a big hit. The Browns still might have grabbed the field goal, but instead of facing 3rd and 3 at their own 24, they were given a 1st and 10 at their 39.

The 49ers ended up winning by plenty, but it is still an issue the NFL needs to figure out. Goldson suggested there be some kind of challenge option for plays like this. Had the replay officials reviewed it, they might have overturned the penalty. Replay has proven refs can in fact make mistakes so why not provide an opportunity to review such a play given the impact it can have? It is worth noting that in spite of being a big hitter, Dashon Goldson has never been fined in his NFL career.