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49ers Vs. Redskins Odds: Can The 49ers Continue Their Rushing Dominance On Both Sides Of The Ball?

The 49ers-Redskins point spread has settled in at 3 1/2 points and likely won't be changing a whole lot in the coming days. There are, however, some new odds coming out related to the game. The folks at Bodog Sports released some week nine specials related to the 49ers rushing offense and defense:

WEEK 9 SPECIALS - Will the 49ers score a Rushing TD and not allow a Rushing TD Week 9? (The 49ers are the first time in 91 years to score, but not allow a rushing touchdown in each of their first seven games of the season)     

Yes                  5/2

No                    1/4

WEEK 9 SPECIALS - Will Frank Gore Record 125 Rushing Yards or more Week 9 for a 5th straight week?   

Yes                  +200

No                    -300

The 49ers are the first team since the 1920 Buffalo All-Americans to rush for a touchdown in each of their first seven games, and not allow a rushing touchdown in each of their first seven games. I can't find any more exact records, but Pro Football Reference does not have records for any team before 1920.

The oddsmakers don't see the 49ers doing this again for an eighth straight game. I still am not sure if the All-Americans went beyond seven games with their record, although if the 49ers do get it for an eighth straight game, we'll find out. The 49ers actually have an eight game streak dating to last season's finale, but this record is for the start of the season.

Speaking of rushing, Frank Gore will look to rush for 125 or more yards and score a rushing touchdown for a fifth straight week. Larry Johnson, OJ Simpson and Terrell Davis are the only players to do so. Johnson and Simpson took their streaks to a fifth game before having it snapped. Frank Gore already has set a personal high with this recent run and also leads the league in games with 125+ yards.

The 49ers get strong performances from a variety of areas, but rushing offense and rushing defense are two of the keys to this team's success thus far. The Redskins struggle in both rushing offense and rushing defense, so hopefully the 49ers can continue these strong performances.