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Can/Should The 49ers Get Vernon Davis Back Into The Receiving Mix?

The 49ers beat writers chatted with Vernon Davis before practice today and he had a chance to discuss his role in the offense. It is understandably frustrating to not be able to put points on the board for the team. At the same time, when you've got a guy who is being double- and triple-covered, or is drawing the best cover man from the opposing team, it is a huge benefit to the team.

I'd like to try and predict when or if Vernon Davis will work his way back into the offensive mix a bit more, but as we have learned this year, predicting anything in the 49ers offense is tough to figure out. Davis has the size and speed to work against most any defender, but when you start doubling and tripling a guy, there is only so much you can do.

While Vernon is saying he would like to see the ball more, he does recognize the situation. And when a team is winning, it takes a bit of the edge off when the ball is not coming in your direction. The team has created a solid environment and are benefitting accordingly.

As the team moves forward and works Braylon Edwards back into the offense a bit more, are we ever going to see monster production from Vernon Davis in 2011? It seems like the team focuses the offense around Frank Gore and then the passing game is spread around. Or will it take finding more success in the passing game before Vernon can get back and more active in catching the ball?