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Happy Birthday, Bill Walsh!

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Former 49ers coach Bill Walsh was born 80 years ago, and even though he passed away four years ago, it seems worthwhile to give a Happy Birthday shoutout to Coach Walsh. Although the 49ers had many accomplishments up untilt he late 1970s, the hiring of Bill Walsh marked the start of an era of domination rarely seen in sports. The 49ers were the team of the '80s under Bill Walsh as his innovative offensive mind keyed an amazing turn around for a franchise that spent the latter part of the '70s floundering as an NFL doormat.

Given how things have turned around this season, it is even more fitting to honor Coach Walsh once again. In early January, Cam Inman put together a great article in which he discussed the Bill Walsh connection with Jim Harbaugh. Unfortunately, the article goes to a dead link now, but when you get a moment, check out Tre9er's look at that article. This isn't quite the same renaissance, but it is a huge turnaround after several years as a doormat. And it is fitting that Coach Harbaugh had a chance to interact with Coach Walsh at Stanford.

So, if you're out for a drink tonight, give a toast to Coach Walsh, and while you're at it give a second toast to Coach Harbaugh.