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49ers Vs. Redskins: David Akers Gets 49ers Up Early

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The San Francisco 49ers and Washington Redskins have gotten off to a fairly ugly start with the 49ers finally grabbing a 3-0 lead on a David Akers 52-yard field goal. Akers continues to provide excellent kicking for the 49ers. He struggled against Philadelphia, but otherwise has been money, particularly from deep. The rest of the offense has been a bit inconsistent thus far as they are hopefully just shaking off the early start.

The 49ers defensive line has been tested quite a bit by the Redskins. Roy Helu has been putting together several solid runs, including the a 16-yard run that is the longest against the 49ers this season. Ray McDonald is definitely missed along the line, but the 49ers have managed to keep the Redskins from taking too much advantage of that. The biggest play thus far was Dashon Goldson grabbing an interception of a pass intended for Fred Davis. The Redskins had a solid drive going and that sucked the momentum out from that.