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49ers Vs. Redskins Recap: Same Ol' Situation

The San Francisco 49ers defeated the Washington Redskins to improve to 7-1 for the first time since 1997. Of course, as has happened a little often, things got a little close for comfort at the end. The 49ers took a 19-3 lead as the Washington Redskins could not get anything going. However, the Redskins took advantage of a soft secondary to cut the lead to 19-11, getting a touchdown with 1:10 left and then converting the two point attempt. Fortunately the 49ers recovered the ensuing onside kick and put it away with the victory formation.

The 49ers are now 7-1 and with the Seahawks losing, they hold a five game division lead at the halfway point in the season. While the division is just about wrapped up, the 49ers still have their fair share of issues to address if they are going to make noise in the playoffs. That final Redskins drive aside, the defense continues to carry the team and is as responsible for the 7-1 start as any unit.

The good news though is the 49ers are in a position to try and figure out ways to get a bit more out of the offense. As someone said in the comments, there are times where it seems like the 49ers try and get a little too cute on offense. They are built to be a power rushing attack, and there are times they try to get the big gains with something a little too cutesy. That is something they need to work on moving forward, particularly with teams like the New York Giants, Baltimore Ravens and Pittsburgh Steelers still on the schedule. You get cute against Baltimore or Pittsburgh and their defenses will give you a quick backhand.

It wasn't a pretty victory for the offense and the defense had their late let-up. But once again the 49ers hold on for the victory. The 49ers have plenty of room for improvement, particularly on offense, but a win is a win. The 49ers are 7-1 and winning the games they are supposed to win.