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49ers Looking At Potential Defensive Struggle With New York Giants

The San Francisco 49ers sit at 7-1 halfway through the season and get ready to welcome the New York Giants in a week's time. The 49ers have been challenged this season, but the Giants present a solid challenge on both sides of the ball. The Giants could potentially be without Ahmad Bradshaw as he deals with a cracked bone in his foot, but Brandon Jacobs is a fairly solid backup.

The Giants are currently battling the New England Patriots, and I'd imagine many folks are getting a chance to watch that game. I get the Raiders game so I'm watching on the Red Zone channel. They are scoreless at halftime and in fact it is the first team in several years that the Patriots were held scoreless in the first half. They did miss a short field goal late in the half, but they have still struggled against the Giants defense.

If you are watching the Giants-Patriots game wherever you are at, feel free to post your thoughts on what the Giants are able to do against the Patriots on both sides of the ball. It won't be a perfect scouting report, but it is always interesting to see what a future opponent brings to the table a week in advance.