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49ers Vs. Redskins Injury Report: Braylon Edwards, Kendall Hunter Suffer Modest Bumps, Bruises

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The 49ers escaped Washington without too much in the way of obvious injuries. We won't really know for sure what is up until the Wednesday practice participation report comes out, but for now we have some ideas. Running back Kendall Hunter suffered a dislocated finger but returned to the game.

The most notable injury was Braylon Edwards dealing with a shoulder issue. He had x-rays and it sounds like he is only dealing with a modest bruise. That's not a good thing, but it could always be worse. We'll know more on Wednesday, but ideally he will be able to practice like normal this week.

The more chemistry Braylon Edwards can get back with Alex Smith, the better for the continued development of the 49ers offense. Edwards had a pair of catches on Sunday, and it took some time to get him worked into the offense. I'd like to think it is just a matter re-building the in-game rapport, but we'll see in the coming weeks.

Edwards chatted with the media after the game and discussed how things are only getting better as the team gets all its weapons on the field. It does raise plenty of questions as to who gets what on a given play. Braylon was incredibly confident about the ability of this team to basically destroy teams once it all comes together. If this is an accurate assessment, I hope and pray this offense brings it all together over the coming weeks. With one of the best defenses in the NFL, adding in a more consistent offense would be deadly.

Head after the jump to view video of Braylon Edwards' chat with the media, and check out the more extensive transcript, which includes some more entertaining comments by the 49ers wide receiver.

Braylon Edwards Video