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49ers Vs. Redskins: Happy Hour With Harbaugh

The 49ers head coach holds a weekly Monday press conference at noon and we have called it something generic like Jim Harbaugh Monday Lunch Press Conference. After asking for some suggested titles, my favorite was McTee's suggestion of Happy Hour With Harbaugh. While Happy Hour is generally later in the day, there's nothing wrong with early happy hour.

As the 49ers prepare for Sunday's game against the New York Giants, Coach Harbaugh will have plenty to discuss following Sunday's victory over the Washington Redskins. I'd imagine he'll be asked about Frank Gore and Braylon Edwards injury status. Gore sprained his ankle and Edwards bruised his shoulder. Gore has indicated he will practice and play this week, but we'll see what comes along with the Wednesday practice participation report.

Harbaugh will probably also get some questions about the officiating. He had some concerns on several plays, including the three player shift in the second quarter, and a delay of game when the team was trying to get two big guys in as eligible receivers. I don't expect a ton of complaints, but he'll probably have something to say on the matter.

And of course, we'll get the first look ahead to Sunday's game against the Giants with some compliments about what they have been doing. More or less par for the course at this point.

Head after the jump to view a live stream of Coach Harbaugh's press conference. You can also view it live at and

Jim Harbaugh Press Conference