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49ers Vs. Giants Odds: Harbaugh & Co. Open As 3-1/2 Point Favorites

The 49ers square off against the NFC East leading New York Giants and San Francisco has opened as a 3-1/2 point favorite. The line opened late Sunday and has not changed in the time since then. It is a fairly modest line as the home team gives the three points right off the bat.

This line would seem to indicate folks feel the 49ers are fairly evenly matched with the Giants, but get a small bump at home. It should make for quite the compelling matchup. The 49ers have handled their business the last couple weeks against Washington and Cleveland. While it is nice to get wins against teams they are supposed to beat, defeating the New York Giants would be oh so nice.

All wins are great, but beating teams that are getting all sorts of kudos from the media is often a little bit sweeter. We saw it with victories over teams like the Lions and Eagles, so why not add the Giants to the mix? It won't be an easy game and this line reflects that. The Giants can be a bit inconsistent at times (see the loss to Seattle and a struggle against Miami), but they have a lot of talent on the field. It should make for quite the battle on Sunday.