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49ers Christmas Presents

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Now that Halloween is in our rear view mirror and Thanksgiving is a couple weeks away, the Christmas shopping season is moving into full swing. I always enjoy a 49ers-related Christmas present when possible and there are some fun things out there. I am bringing this up now in part because I have stumbled across a couple particularly interesting presents.

Someone tweeted out a link yesterday to this eBay sale for a sweet-looking Sons Of Harbaugh shirt. If you are a fan of Sons of Anarchy you will particularly appreciate this. I ordered one last night and it looks like it'll arrive in the mail sometime next week.

A second gift was this 49ers-themed DirecTV remote control. What's awesome is that Toronto Blue Jays All Star pitcher Ricky Romero received the remote as a gift and was psyched about it. What to get for the man with the money to get most anything? An awesome 49ers remote!

Since people are always looking for cool presents to give, or cool presents to suggest someone get for them, consider this an open thread for links to 49ers and other football presents people might like. The Shop has some cool stuff, but this is more meant for folks to show off some more creative presents.