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Tom Coughlin Talks 49ers, Injuries And David Baas

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New York Giants head coach Tom Coughlin chatted up the 49ers in a variety of media discussions today and had plenty of compliments about the team. This morning he had his weekly Wednesday press conference with Giants media and followed that up with a conference call with the 49ers media (AUDIO).

Coughlin spent both conversations discussing the 49ers as well as how his Giants would prepare for them. The Giants will apparently be flying out of New York on Saturday. The 49ers usually travel east on Fridays so it will be interesting to see if the later travel time makes any difference for the Giants preparations. They get some time back traveling from east to west, so we'll see.

Coughlin addressed some of the injury issues for the Giants. It's worth noting that neither Hakeem Nicks nor Ahmad Bradshaw practiced today. Nicks was supposedly going to practice but then was a last minute scratch. Bradshaw is dealing with a cracked bone in his foot and reports have been all over the place as to his actual status moving forward. My guess is he does not play Sunday, but the coming days' practice participation reports will give us a better idea.

This game gives the 49ers a chance to welcome back former center David Baas. Many thought Baas would stick around but he signed a big five year contract with the Giants. Baas has been dealing with some injuries including a knee issue but Coughlin believes he will play on Sunday, barring any setbacks.

I had forgotten that Baas spent one day taking part in Camp Alex this summer. I don't think it will really matter for purposes of this weekend's matchup, but it is still worth at least noting.