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49ers Vs. Rams: Keeping It Low Key On Offense?

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The San Francisco 49ers are coming off a game in which they struggled to get the offense going in just about every manner. They had a chance at a monster game-breaker when Alex Smith connected with Ted Ginn, but unfortunately it was called back by a chop block penalty. Other than that it was tough going much of the day.

As the 49ers welcome the Rams to town, they'll be looking to get back on track offensively against a Rams defense that has a stout pass rush, but not a whole lot else. The 49ers offense still has plenty it needs to figure out in order to "get ready for primetime" but I wonder how much we'll see attempted this weekend.

As always, the team will be looking to establish the run, and the Rams are a team you want to focus in on that. The question I find myself wondering is how much we'll see from the passing game. The Roman/Harbaugh game plan has done a fairly solid job of strategizing around the opposition's very specific weaknesses. That would seem to be obvious, but some coaches don't do nearly enough of that.

While that can get the wins needed to get solid positioning in the playoffs, given the remaining schedule, does this help the team sufficiently prepare for the potential opponents they would face? Game-planning around the Rams or Cardinals is not quite the same as game-planning in preparation for the Packers or Saints. How do you prepare in that manner when dealing with teams that don't necessarily stack up like the Packers or Saints?