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49ers Fantasy Football, Week 14: Kyle Williams On The Radar?

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Week 14 means the start of the fantasy football playoff season for a lot of folks. We're one game into the week with the Steelers beating the Browns, but tomorrow we get a full slate of action, including our 49ers traveling to face the Arizona Cardinals. The matchup opens the door for some intriguing 49ers fantasy options this weekend.

Michael Crabtree has quietly become a solid option. He is better in points per reception leagues, but even in non-PPR leagues, his work with Alex Smith has turned him into a very serviceable receiver for fantasy purposes. Heading into Week 14, he is a very solid start against the Arizona Cardinals. Even if the 49ers passing game doesn't go crazy, he's become Alex Smith's primary target.

Kyle WIlliams is an interesting question mark for fantasy purposes. He has had two solid games over the past three weeks and is earning more playing time. I don't think anybody will be starting him in fantasy football, but if you happen to be desperate for a body, or are looking to stash a receiver in a dynasty league, there are worse options.

The 49ers defense remains a very solid fantasy option, currently operating as one of the top few defenses in the league. It will be interesting to see what the Cardinals throw at them, but they are a must-start defense every week. Their aggressive nature gets them both consistency and upside.

Vernon Davis remains a tough one to figure out for fantasy football. He entered the season as a top option at tight end but he has not been a consistent target this season. The 49ers are winning, which is great, but if you were counting on big numbers from Vernon, they have not been there this season. He retains the normal upside, but you have to make a judgment call this weekend if you are in your fantasy playoffs.