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Do You Want Alex Boone Competing With Anthony Davis? If So, How Soon?

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This isn't some in-depth breakdown or statistical analysis of offensive linemen. It's true that the o-line is my favorite part of football (especially now that kickoffs lack any excitement whatsoever), and I have quite a few opinions of what I think should be done with the offensive line, to be sure. I'm actually quite happy with the line, short of a bit of a question mark at one position and two others under-performing, but they're things I believe can be corrected.

But the opinions of this offensive line vary greatly. First, let's establish what I think we can all probably agree on. First, Mike Iupati is an absolute stud, despite maybe three bad games as a pro thus far. Two, Joe Staley is too consistent as a left tackle, but the 49ers could do a helluva lot worse. Three, Jonathan Goodwin terrified the hell out of me when he strung together a bad game or two at the beginning of the season, but has since solidified.

So of course, we come to the other two spots. Personally, I've been a fan of Adam Snyder for years so we're going to skip past that. We come to Anthony Davis at the right tackle position. With the 49ers recently signing Alex Boone to a long-term extension, could he be in the thick of things battling it out next season? What about this season?

Davis has struggled, to be sure. But he's also put together some very solid games. This year, I'd say he's been about half and half. The reason I ask about Boone is because there have been people already saying that he's unquestionably better than Davis. Personally, I feel those people are off their rocker, how could you say that without really having seen much of Boone? That being aside, there's a reason to like what Boone brings to the table and if you'd rather see what he has to offer, then that's a different story.

Are things at a point where the 49ers need to bench Davis now and see what Boone can do? Or is that something you'd rather see happen in the preseason next year? Or, perhaps, do you think a different scenario is in play - one where Staley is perhaps benched, or even one of the tackle playing guard? I'll save you the trouble now - neither Staley nor Boone would fit at guard, and I question Davis' ability to play their as well, but let your imaginations run wild. Eager to see what you all think.