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Golden Nuggets: Niners Nationites? Go Niners!

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Good morning, Niners Nationites ... Niners Nationers ... what the hell do we call ourselves? I was actually thinking about posting a fanpost on this, but I'm just going to go ahead and ask the question here in the Nuggets. What should we be calling ourselves, in that vein? I mean, we're obviously more awesome than your average Niner fan. So you guys get busy figuring that out, at least until the 49ers come out and dominate the Arizona Cardinals this afternoon. Ahh, t'will be glorious, no? Let's get to some linkage, though, as it is gameday, there's not a lot.

To start, Maiocco had a pair of Mailbag posts, which a lot of people find interesting. Part one is here and part two is here. (

Following that, he had a matchup post, in which he talks about Michael Crabtree going up against Patrick Peterson. Sorry, but that's going to be Crabtree all day - Peterson just isn't that great of a corner, and being No. 1 on the Cardinals isn't saying much. He may develop into something really special, but it's clear that his bread and butter is as a punt returner right now. (

That being said, he is definitely a serious threat in the return game. It wouldn't be a shocker for the Cardinals to break a big punt return for a touchdown, the first one allowed by the 49ers this season, and take the lead if the 49ers aren't going for the throat. But Jim Harbaugh always goes for the throat, even during handshakes. (

Niners learning offense on the Fly (

49ers notes: Grant is eager to step in for hurt Willis (

49ers Q&A with Arizona Cardinals Examiner Scott Jones (

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