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49ers Vs. Cardinals: Special Teams Shows Up Once Again

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The 49ers-Cardinals game is off to a pretty ugly start but the 49ers are threatening to start the second quarter. The 49ers have dominated the field position battle, but as has been the case in many first quarters, the 49ers have been held to only a field goal. They lead 3-0 after one quarter in a game that has seen numerous injuries. The 49ers lost Joe Staley for the game with a head injury and Alex Boone is replacing him the rest of the day.

The Cardinals ended the first quarter with John Skelton in at quarterback. Kevin Kolb took a knee to the back of the head on his fumble as Ahmad Brooks inadvertently hit him. Kolb has returned from the locker room, but Skelton is still out there and costing Arizona.

The 49ers open the second quarter inside the Arizona Cardinals five with first and goal. Time to punch it in!