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49ers Vs. Cardinals: David Akers For MVP

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This game has been unbelievable. The 49ers have had several great scoring opportunities and could convert none of them for touchdowns. The 49ers have had great special teams (even with the missed 50-yard FG) and simply have not been able to convert. They gave up the big touchdown to Early Doucet, but the defense has otherwise done a fairly solid job. They grabbed a pick late in the first half, but once again the red zone offense came up short.

The 49ers offensive line hasn't helped matters. There have been numerous instances of apparent jailbreak rushes by the Cardinals. If the offensive line is going to struggle like this, the team needs to mix in more of these quicker, short passes. They've found success on slants, so why not go to them more? They need to figure something out because Arizona is looking just frisky enough to make this thing interesting if the 49ers don't get some touchdowns on the board.