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49ers Lose 21-19, Left Their Offense In San Francisco

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That one stings. The 49ers put together a generally awful offensive display on Sunday and fell to the Arizona Cardinals 21-19. Arizona deserves credit for solid defensive plays when needed, but the 49ers offense did very little to actually try and win this game. The defense and special teams set them up with excellent field position throughout the game, and yet the 49ers could get nothing going.

The 49ers defense had its struggles on deep balls, but they also made some key stops to give the offense several chances late. Instead, we saw the offensive line put together one of its worst performances of the season in pass protection. Whether it was because of the loss of Joe Staley, excellent game-planning by the Cardinals, or anything else, it was an unacceptable performance.

There will be plenty to discuss about this game in the coming days. The 49ers are going to the playoffs, but they looked nothing like a playoff team in this one. With the Pittsburgh Steelers coming to town next Monday, the 49ers have a lot of work to do. This team is not going to win playoff games if it cannot get into the end zone on first and goal inside the five. Yes, the defense can do some great work, but against teams like the Saints and Packers, red zone touchdowns have to be had. It's as simple as that.

On a side note, there will be plenty of debate about this game, and that is perfectly fine. But people need to behave themselves. It was getting a little ugly in the game threads. That will NOT be accepted in here. Site decorum will be OFF for this particular thread (meaning, swearing is allowed), but that does not give anybody a right to attack another user whether they be an optimistic, a pessimist or somewhere in between. Childish behavior is never tolerated, but especially so today. Negativity is fine after a game like this. Attacks on other users are not allowed.