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Sunday Night Football Open Thread

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We've got a 49ers recap thread up and will have another shortly. For Sunday Night Football between the Cowboys and Giants, I'd like to have a separate thread. Try and keep the 49ers discussion in the 49ers threads and keep Cowboys-Giants chatter in here. Consider this the place to forget about the 49ers loss.

The Cowboys and Giants are in a dogfight in the NFC East. A Giants win evens things up there and puts both teams a game back of Detroit and Atlanta in the wild card race. Both teams are starting to get relatively healthy, which could make for a really fun game tonight. I don't like either team, but I do enjoy quality football, and this could be that kind of quality football game.

The Giants are struggling having lost four straight dating back to their loss to the 49ers. They are just about in a must-win situation as they are in danger of falling two back with three to play. They've got all their weapons on the field, while the Cowboys are getting Miles Austin back. Should be interesting.