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Golden Nuggets: Sweating The Small Stuff

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Well, that was a rather ugly game for our San Francisco 49ers, no? Funnily enough, the things that bothered me most weren't the big plays given up by the defense per se, or even the fact that the offense struggled. What bothered me the most were the little plays, the small things that affected plays in bigger ways than one might think. When Ted Ginn Jr. stands there, turns, standing straight up, to watch a screen play on the other side of the field, what good does that do? His body language before the snap said, in so many words "the play is happening on the other side of the field, tell your friends!" Let's get to the linkage.

For your general recap, look no further than Sam Lam, who is only at the top of the Nuggets because he bribed me with gingerbread cake. In reality, I always put his recap up top and elect to not include other basic recaps because, really, there's no reason to. (

Here's a post-game injury report, one that notes left tackle Joe Staley sustained a head injury early in the game. I hope Staley is alright, and I'm not really sure if his absence hurt the 49ers or not. I noticed that Jonathan Goodwin gave up a lot of pressure, I didn't pay a whole lot of attention to the rest of the line. I was too busy watching Alex Smith deal with the after-affects. (

I think it's kind of an insult to Frank Gore to say he did, at best, 5% better than the 49ers offensive line, but I agree with the rest of Grant Cohn's grades for this game. (

It was bound to happen, and that's why this loss is more frustrating than usual. If the defense slipped up and lost the game, or the special teams struggled, then it was an anomaly. With the offense sputtering out even worse than before, it's just confirming our fears that it's just not that good, at least not consistently. The defense can't continue to bail them out. (

Braylon Edwards seems like he's got a chapped ass regarding his playing time, but I say he played more than he deserved, regardless of his health. He's just slow and a liability out there - he has no room to talk, really. Michael Crabtree comes just short of insulting something - be it Alex Smith or Jim Harbaugh/Greg Roman. Not sure which. (

While it's true that the 49ers' red zone woes is what ultimately hurt them, it's worth noting that it was all-around offensive problems that really killed 'em. The team didn't really earn its way into the red zone offensively, that was mostly on the special teams. So a lack of offense altogether is to blame. (

What's that? You want some more grades? Alright, you can have the usual grades from the Chronicle, featuring that one dude. (

Alex Boone makes a good point - that fake field goal that never was really killed the 49ers. I also think the deep pass that Ted Ginn Jr. lost in the air also killed the 49ers, but who's counting reasons? (

Here's some more post-game reaction stuff, this time from Cam Inman. (

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