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49ers Injury Report: Joe Staley Is Biggest Name On Injury Report

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The San Francisco 49ers found themselves in a fairly physical contest Sunday afternoon in Arizona as both teams had a decent number of modest to sizable injuries throughout the day. Coach Harbaugh does not release injury information after the game, so we basically have what was mentioned during the game, as well as reports like this from Matt Maiocco.

The big injury of the game saw left tackle Joe Staley go down with a head injury in the first quarter. Some folks think it was a concussion, but we never heard official word on the extent of the injury. I'd imagine we really won't know much more until the first practice report comes out this coming Thursday for Monday against the Steelers. If it was a concussion, Staley will need to undergo tests by a team physician and an independent neurological consultant. Coach Harbaugh will be asked about Staley later today, but I suspect he won't provide much in the way of details.

Dashon Goldson suffered a hip injury on Larry Fitzgerald's touchdown grab, but he managed to return fairly quickly. After the 49ers punted to Arizona, Goldson missed one play, but was then back on the field. We'll see if it impacts him in practice this week, but there is nothing to indicate it will be a problem moving forward.

The big question mark that seemed to sort of come and go throughout the game was what was up with Frank Gore. There was never any reference to an injury by the media and Coach Harbaugh did not indicate there was any issue, but something seemed amiss at times. I received several tweets about it, and when you add in the fact that he only had ten carries on the day, it raises some red flags. He was moving a bit slow in the locker room, but that could easily just be post-game bumps and bruises.

It is entirely possible the game plan really was executed exactly as planned even with a healthy Gore. We will never really know the truth, although I suppose if we see Gore on the injury report this Thursday, we might have some additional cause for concern. For now though, we just have to take it at face value.

Ray McDonald had a left hand/wrist injury but according to MM did not have a cast or wrap on his hand after x-rays, so he is ok. He might be a bit limited in practice, but hopefully he is good to go.

Other than that, aside from the often anemic look the offense, there are no other injuries of significance that I can find.