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Which Would You Rather Have: Elite Offense, Porous Defense...or vice versa?

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After seeing some of the action this weekend in the NFL, we here at Niners Nation have begun to wonder which, if either, side of the ball is the most important to carry a team. The New England Patriots gave up 252 yards and two TD's to Rex Grossman, but wait, there's more! They also gave up a long-bomb TD pass by a wide receiver and over 120 yards rushing to Roy Helu.

Of course, New England has Tom Brady and what has been an elite offense for years, which tends to help a bit. The 49ers, on the other hand, have one of the NFL's best defenses...but we also have Alex Smith and one of the worst offenses, depending on the categories you look at, etc.

Now, I'm not trying to dump on the offense, more just saying that it's not on par with the Fighting Bradys up there in Foxboro, MA. But it does beg the question: Which would you rather have? The offense that can move down the field seemingly at-will and score 30+ points per game? Or the staunch defense that limits opposing teams, get's takeaways and slows down the game?

Personally I like to have the defense, because I think they can give your offense more opportunities to score, even if it's not the most efficient. However there are still issues with this because if the offense doesn't do it's part, it's inevitable that the defense will eventually give up a play, a score, etc...and get tired being on the field that long.

So what's your preference?