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49ers Vs. Cardinals: Happy Hour With Harbaugh

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Fooch's Note: You can fiew a re-air of the press conference HERE.

The 49ers are back home after a brutal loss to the Arizona Cardinals, which means it is time for your weekly edition of Happy Hour With Harbaugh. 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh will chat with the media at noon and we've got a live stream set up after the jump. You can also view the stream at and CSN Bay Area.

As is generally the norm, I would not expect a whole lot of in depth commentary from Coach Harbaugh. He will be asked about the 49ers red zone issues and the team's use of Frank Gore. Braylon Edwards seemed a bit peeved by how much he was used on Sunday so I'd imagine there might be a question about that, as well as the general team attitude now that they are facing some legitimate adversity for the first time. We'll also get a question about Joe Staley's head injury. Questions do not necessarily mean answers, but he'll at least be asked about these issues.

We'll have the transcript at some point later tonight or first thing tomorrow morning, depending on when it is emailed out. In the meantime, enjoy the video. CSN Bay Area and both usually post the video of the press conference a bit later as well if you miss it at noon.

Jim Harbaugh Press Conference