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Week 15 NFL Power Rankings: Where Do The 49ers Belong?

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It is getting late in the evening, but with the wrap of Week 14 following that "interesting" contest between the Seattle Seahawks and St. Louis Rams. It was a pretty ugly game, but what are you gonna do? The Seahawks improved to 6-7 and joined the Arizona Cardinals at two games back in the wild card race. Seattle and Arizona need a lot of things to fall their way to make the playoffs, but it's better than having three teams in the division with only two or three wins.

I am putting together some Week 15 NFL power rankings and I am curious where people see the 49ers now that they are mixed in with a mess of teams at 10-3. The 49ers are tied with Baltimore, Houston, Pittsburgh, New Orleans and New England. Each team has certain strengths and certain weaknesses.

I would argue even with their strong defense, Houston is at the bottom of that group. Maybe T.J. Yates goes all Tebow on the league, but I'm not ready to pronounce him playoff ready. They are not exactly like the 49ers, but there are some distinct similarities in terms of building their teams around a strong defense and powerful rushing game.

Beyond that and keeping Baltimore ahead of Pittsburgh, I am not particularly sure how I would mix things up with the rest of the 10-3 teams. I'm sure whatever I do will receive criticism, but that is the joy of power rankings. How do you rank the top of the NFL?