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Tim Tebow: WTF?

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I know this is a 49ers blog, but once in a while there are stories that transcend team allegiance. Whether you love him or hate him, most everybody has some kind of opinion about Tim Tebow. I had thought about including a poll question with this post, but I'm honestly not even sure what to ask. The Tim Tebow experience is so surreal it is simply on another level. Thus, I felt it was perfectly worthy of discussion here on a relatively quiet Tuesday afternoon.

Prior to the last couple months I was not a fan of Tim Tebow the football player. Part of it had to do with his apparent lack of traditional QB skills and part of it was having him shoved down my throat since his college days. Add in the whole #winner argument that continually drives my logical mind a little batty, and I just could not get behind Tim Tebow.

However, over the last two months, I have slowly come to the realization that I am wildly entertained by Tim Tebow and this Denver Broncos team. It may not be pretty football, but the way they keep winning just blows my mind. I still can't go so far as to say he does all this just because he is a winner. The Church of Satan thinks otherwise. At the same time, that is not going to stop me from enjoying the Tim Tebow experience (particularly since he isn't playing the 49ers). Sometimes you just have to put your basic beliefs aside and enjoy the ride.

My argument early on was that the Broncos defense and Willis McGahee deserve the credit for much of the team's success. I still think they deserve a lot of credit, but Tim Tebow brings something to the table that defies explanation in my mind. Although six games is not exactly a monstrous sample size, it is intriguing to see how his passing yards per quarter goes up in the fourth quarter by a lot. What explains it?

Even if you argue for the defense, McGahee and special teams being the difference-maker, I still don't think people can ignore the fourth quarter heroics from Tebow. Is it something that will revert back to some mean as Jon Bois suggested to a certain extent in the link above?

Part of the reason for this post is I came across this mash-up that was pretty amusing. I can't stand Skip Bayless and refuse to watch or listen to him in most any context. However, someone came up with mash-up of comments from Bayless, Tebow, John Elway and even a quick cameo from Hulk Hogan, all set to "All He Does Is Win" (naturally). #Winning in my book!