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49ers Vs. Steelers Odds: Ben Roethlisberger Injury Keeps Steelers Off Many Boards

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The San Francisco 49ers were installed as 2 1/2 point favorites by the folks at BetOnline, but it is notable that odds are not listed at a variety of web options. I am checking to see what is listed in Las Vegas, but the lack of many online options is interesting. It would indicate the oddsmakers are a bit more concerned about Ben Roethlisberger's injury, or potentially the mix of issues including that and James Harrison's suspension.

Roethlisberger was at the Steelers facility on Wednesday and reportedly was wearing a walking boot. Adam Schefter mentioned on ESPN on Wednesday that he was getting a feeling of pessimism within the organization that Roethlisberger would play. It sounds like Roethlisberger would only need a moderate amount of practice time to get back on the field for Monday. At this point he is a game-time decision so we will get to hear will he, won't he off and on for the next four or five days. Good times.

I remain convinced Roethlisberger will find a way to drag himself out there and play. Whatever you think of him off the field, he is a tough S.O.B. on the field and it will take a whole lot to get him off the field. I'm curious how a Big Ben at 75% or worse compares to a 100% Charlie Batch. That might not be much of a comparison given that it is Charlie Batch, but who knows.