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Colin Kaepernick, The Wildcat And All That Nonsense....

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Two weeks ago the 49ers brought out Kendall Hunter to run a wildcat play against the St. Louis Rams. The play lost seven yards and that was that. It was the second time we've seen the 49ers roll out a wildcat play, neither of which has had much in the way of success.

After the 49ers struggled this past week both in the red zone and versus a stiff pass rush against the Arizona Cardinals, there were some comments around the Internet about potentially mixing Colin Kaepernick in to the play-calling to utilize his athleticism and his cannon of an arm.

In thinking this over I found myself wondering how helpful a package of plays for Kaepernick would be for boosting the offense. While it is nice to get him some experience, the important part is giving the offense some kind of boost. Given that this team is competing for an improved playoff spot, just getting youngsters experience is not really enough in my mind.

Given the team's attempts to use the wildcat, it got me thinking that it makes a lot more sense to mix Kaepernick in for those kinds of plays. He did enough rushing at Nevada that if the team insists on mixing in some wildcat, why not have a guy back there who is a significant threat to run? They rolled him out briefly for a play against the Philadelphia Eagles that looked like it was going to be a run-pass option play, but a timeout was called and he ended up just handing it off. Why not actually mix him a bit more with some kind of package?

I am not saying he should become some kind of dedicated red zone weapon. I simply think if the team is trying to roll out some misdirection, it makes a lot more sense to go with a guy who can provide a couple different options on a given play. Whether it happens this week against a stout Steelers defense is another question entirely.