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49ers QB Situation: Time To Heat Up The Peyton Manning Chatter!

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A few weeks ago, Dylan put together a post looking at the idea of the 49ers acquiring Peyton Manning for the 2012 season. With the NFL season rapidly coming to a close, the media is following up with more Peyton Manning discussion. Bill Barnwell at Grantland put together his rundown of eight possible destinations for Manning (thanks to Collin B for posting a FanShot of this).

It is all just speculation at this point, but it remains an intriguing topic. Manning has begun throwing but is not yet cleared to practice. If Manning reaches a point where he is likely healthy enough to play next season and he is available on the market, he becomes arguably the most intriguing option this coming offseason. Whatever your thoughts on Alex Smith and the 49ers current situation, I've got to think Peyton Manning would at least be on your radar.

Part of the outcome will depend on whether the Colts trade him or release him. And of course, it also depends on if they decide to part ways with Manning and go all in with Luck (or potentially Robert Griffin, I suppose). Assuming they do trade or release Manning, the market would be quite the frenzy for a "healthy" Manning. I put healthy in quotation marks because nobody seems completely sure what is what with Manning's neck.

Where do you see Manning ending up after this season? Do you want to see the 49ers make a run at him?